Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pinoy Maskman on ABS-CBN

I've read from a newspaper that ABS-CBN have acquired the Television Rights to do the Pinoy Adaptation of Hikari Sentai Maskman. For those who not know, Maskman is a popular Japanese live action series aired in Japan during 1987-1988., and made it's way on Philippine Television I think that was 1991 or 1992.

"Hikari Sentai" translated in Tagalog as "Light Force Maskman" the first Sentai to have a Five piece combining Robot, they call it "Mask Robot", they have another Robot called "Galaxy Robot" which transform into a Giant Trailer. It was also the first Sentai to have a sixth member who appeared in just one episode, his name was X1Mask, wearing a Green Costume. The series was about a Squadron formed by Director Sugata, a Scientist who discovered the "Aura Power" which is the main source of strength for the five members of Maskman namely Red Mask, Black Mask, Blue Mask, Yellow Mask and Pink Mask. The group was formed to protect the Earth from the Tube Empire lead by the evil Emperor Zheba. Unexpectedly "Takeru", in the Tagalog dub was named "Michael Joe" fell in love with a girl named "Mio"("Rio" in the Tagalog dub)
who was a member of the Tube Empire, later was kidnapped by the Empire and was frozen inside a block of ice.

However, Maskman was not concluded during it's airing on National TV in the Philippines, the last few episode that was shown was the Saga where Blue Mask turned into an enemy after discovering that he was a part of the Empire and got possessed by the evil powers. Maskman was shown once again on Hero Channel, a cable network owned by ABS-CBN and I think it was concluded their.

Maskman was a very popular TV series during my childhood, I remember that me along with my friends use to role play the characters of Maskman. In the ending video of Maskman, there is a scene where they are forming a glowing piece of rubber band into different shapes, that was also imitated by children.We even imitate their transform sequence. It's opening and theme songs were translated in Tagalog, we also use to sing that and up to now I can still recall the complete lyrics. I was a big fan of Maskman, so now I'll wait for ABS-CBN's adaptation and see how well they can do, I just hope they don't ruin Maskman like what GMA did with Shaider. And I do hope they can create a nice costume, visual effects and the Robots.