Friday, January 28, 2011

ABS-CBN and GMA to Broadcast in HD

Reports told that by the fourth quarter of 2011, both ABS-CBN and GMA-7 will broadcast in HD (High Definition) Television.

For those who are confused about the difference between a HD Broadcast and an Analog Broadcast which we have in the Philippines, I do not know exactly what's the difference between the two, all I know is that HD Television delivers a much better video reception and a quality picture, so clear that it's seem like you're watching a DVD. In the U.S majority of TV stations and programs broadcasts in HD, for example CNN and FOX. WWE and NBA do their broadcast on HD to make the televiewers feel the action more realistic.

And in line with this development, there were reports that TV 5 will also start Digital Broadcast next year and the the Philippine Basketball Asociation (PBA) is planning to give the broadcast rights to Studio 23 because they want the games to be seen on HD just like in NBA, so far RPN-Solar TV doesn't have the enough facilities to support an HD broadcast. The UAAP by the way is seen on Studio 23 via HD.

Good for both ABS-CBN and GMA-7 for coming up with this idea, HD broadcast will improve the reception of both networks, and besides analog broadcasting is phased out, if they claim that they are the biggest broadcast networks in the Philippines, they should improve their reception and broadcast quality. And of course, they will be spending a lot for this project.

I just hope that they are really going to use a genuine HD format, both this networks have been claiming in the past election that they used a virtual reality for their election coverage just like in CNN, ABS-CBN even claimed that they used a real virtual reality while GMA just used an ordinary hologram effect. But we later discovered that both networks just tricked the televiewers, both of them just used a chroma wall effect and a 3D camera to fake the viewers. Compare ABS-CBN and GMA's virtual reality effect to CNN and you will spot the big difference.

And about TV 5 who is also attempting to also do a digital broadcast, that's good, because TV 5 reception is so poor, it only gets clearer when your using a cable television. TV 5 owner Manny V. Pangilinan is a telecommunication mogul, he knows everything digital and he is putting a lot of money to improve his network.


  1. i just want to correct some of what you said .particularly on The election thing.ABS-CBN use virtual presence it means that those reporters that are beemed in in the studio is just being seen on the t.v. not on the set.but GMA claims their technology is HOLOGRAM which is really WRONG they used chroma key. but ABS didnt use chrome in fact you can see that when there reporters are beamed in in the studio you can see the background of the place

  2. abs and gma are still into analog broadcast even up to now. if they are into digital broadcast, maybe into some selected areas. digital braodcast cannot be recieved by our current televisions we need a converter box to get a digital signal. try to research on digital tv broadcast. 2016 is the year the philippines will go on digital broadcast

  3. Thanks for the comment buddy at no.2. Anyways I just came across this info at the newspaper and just wants to share it. That's why I wrote in my opening remarks "Reports Told". Sorry if I caused misinformation and confusions.

  4. And for buddy at no.1, thanks for the comment too. ABS did a much better technology than GMA, but I think the visible background of ABS' was the problem. Nakita ko kasi yung virtual presence hologram ng CNN during the US Presedential Elections. Yung cuts aroud the body ng image ay malinis, wala kang makikitang kahit anong background at yung body ng image are shown in multiple sides na parang nandun talaga yung tao sa studio, unlike dun sa GMA at ABS na flat, kapag nakaharap, yun lang ang pwede nila ipakita, yung sa CNN kapag yung camera ay naka-angle sa likod nung correspondent makikita mo rin mismo yung likod nung niya 3D talaga. Yung sa ABS at GMA para ka lang nakatingin sa screen. Kaya nga nung gumamit ng hologram ang ABS at GMA hindi ako convince dahil nakita ko na yung sa CNN. That's how the Kapamilyas and the Kapusos tried to fool the Filipino people.

  5. i should say that during that election coverage, GMA upped the ante. yes, hologram effect is a misnomer BUT they offered something new for the televiewers which to the dismay of ABS..that's why they refute the term Hologram Effect. (kung di ba sila apektado why bother, d ba?) Be it chroma effect or what..but still, its something new..unlike the virtual presence which is more like a remote feed with a blurred background.