Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things I hated About Magpakailanman's "Pakawalang Anghel" Episode

I was disappointed with the previous episode of "Magpakailanman" titled "Pakawalang Anghel" which was top-billed by Joyce Ching and Ehra Madrigal. It was supposed to be the most daring and challenging portrayal for Joyce but the poor story telling of the sequences made it a lackluster.

I'm not saying that the particular presentation was totally bad, the script was good and there were sequences where Joyce and Ehra show of their acting skills particularly the pumping scene of Joyce and that actor which I don't, it was totally daring for TV.

I think that the creative group didn't emphasized the conflicts clearly like  how the character realized the bad effects of drugs. I'm sure that anyone who is hooked with drug abuse would not realize it's bad effects with just one single chaos inside their home. The script writers should have shown more, they should have shown the real situations undergone by a drug abuser.

And another thing is, why does the role had to be portrayed by both Joyce and Ehra? Why didn't they let Joyce do a single portrayal? I think that separate portrayal of the young and adult character caused more confusion in the story.

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