Sunday, May 8, 2016

GMA-7's Midnight Horror Stories Presents: Tonari No Kai

GMA-7's Midnight Horror Stories has a new feature, it's called "Tonari No Kai". “Tonari no Kai” is a series of four Japanese horror films directed by Yokoi Kenji that were originally released in 2006 and 2007. They are written by Hirokatsu Kihara, the author of the blockbuster “Tale of Terror From Tokyo and All Over Japan.”


What happens when terror and fear move into your home? In these four Japanese horror films, average people suddenly come face-to-face with the kind of terror they never could have imagined! In “Tonari no Kai I (Frame),” a family goes on vacation to a seaside area but discover strange images of an unknown child in their vacation videos. Then they start hearing strange noises in their home and their son is overcome with sleepiness. In “Tonari no Kai II (The Cash Back Property),” a family moves into a new home that they find out is known as the “cash back property” because the agent had a tough time selling it without offering money back. When strange things start to happen in the home, will the new buyers discover why the house couldn’t sell? In “Tonari no Kai III (Out of Luck),” Rie (Misako Yasuda) has a strange dream-like experience and then starts to experience a series of accidents and misfortunes. When she calls her boyfriend for solace, his strange voicemail message adds a new level of fear to her misfortunes. In “Tonari no Kai IV (Someone Is Here…),” Yukari (Jun Natsukawa) has been having a strange feeling that she is not alone ever since she found a mirror in a recycle shop and hung it in her room. But the strange noises, whispers and black footprints in her room escalates to something truly terrifying coming out of the mirror.

I was actually waiting for "Manna San" but I wasn't aware that last week was it's final episode. It was like "bitin" actually but that's the trademark of Japanese horror, it always leaves a puzzle in the end.

But anyways, "Tonari No Kai" is too. I think the concept here is about horrifying experiences of people in a local neighborhood. My sister told me that "Tonari" is translated in english as "neighborhood" and "kai" means "story". The first episode was creepy and had me get up from my bed several times. This is another perfect offering from GMA-7 and I think just like "Torihada" and "Manna San", "Tonari No Kai" is worth staying up late for the weekends. Keep those JHorror rolling GMA-7.

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