Sunday, September 25, 2016

Comic Book Recap: X-O Manowar #5

I was able to purchase an X-O Manowar issue #5 by Robert Venditti, Lee Garbett, Stefano Gaudiano and Moose Baumann, this was from wayback 2012 where Valiant Comics had their relaunched.

Ninjak appeare
This issue features the first appearance of Ninjak at least in the new Valiant Era, because the original appearance of the master tactician ninja was in Bloodshot #7 wayback in the 90s. This is actually the very first time I read X-O Manowar, in the past few months I spent time looking for a particular Comic Book title which I'm gonna sticked with, I was reading Spawn, Batman and I thought about giving Savage Dragon a try and I also collected a lot of books in the past but none of those would satisfied my taste.

Aric/X-O Manowar
Till I found out about this cool guy named Aric of Dacia who came from 402 A.D. He was a warrior who lead the army of Visigoth against the Roman Empire, but he found himself captive and enslaved by an alien race called Vine who came to earth during his time.

In the Vine colony ship where Aric was held captive, he refuses to be cowed, that is why he orchestrated a revolt and was able to overtake the temple where the Vine kept their precious relic Shanhara which is also their most powerful weapon called the X-O Manowar Armor, Aric fused with the weapon and became the first and only human or Vine to have ever survived the fusion, with the powerful armor in his possesion, Aric was able to wipe out the Vine colony and as he returns to earth, he finds that 1600 years had passed since he was held captive, all his friend, family, wife and the Roman empire was gone and he was alone in an advanced world he is not familiar with.

But his battle is ain't over because the Vine aliens have been living secretly along with humans and Aric remains their target and their mission, retrieve their priced  possesion Shanhara the X-O Manowar armor.

Vines hired Ninjak
Going back to issue #5, it's obvious that the Vine disguised themselves as humans and have built a secret organization and they hired Ninjak as an assassin whose mission is to take down X-O Manowar and retrieve Shanhara for them. They deceived Ninjak by telling him that Aric is a terrorist who uses an advanced technology to attack the city of Rome.

Ninjak Captured X-O Manowar
It seemed that Ninjak was successfull right in the end, he outsmarted a man who uses a mighty armor by his wit and ninja tactics, but so far we knew that he is gonna turn into an ally.

X-O Manowar is a great book from Valiant, it has a great background story that tells the origin of a superheroes power, it's not the old fashioned ones that tells the protagonist that great powers comes with great responsibility or some billionaire and good looking guys who uses their money to build advanced caves and big toys for the big boys and absolutely not like that pretty boy in red and blue suit who always come to save the day.

X-O Manowar is one hell of a kickass superhero whose gonna take on everyone, and his background as a fierce Visigoth warrior makes him stand out among others.

I just felt bad the story of Aric will wrap up at issue #50 series finale coming next week, but Valiant promised that great plans in the future are coming for X-O Manowar, so I guess I'll just have to wait.

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