Sunday, August 19, 2012

Marian Rivera Topbills Temptation Of Wife Pinoy Remake

Temptation Of Wife Photo
Marian Rivera returns to Primetime with another Koreanovela remake "Temptation Of Wife". Marian will be working with Dennis Trillo, Alessandra De Rossi, and Rafael Rossel.

"Temptation Of Wife" is a controversial Koreanovela which was also aired in GMA-7. It tackled the sensitive issue of infidelity, domestic abuse and vengeance. Due to the Koreanovela's relevance, it became a hit on Philippine household particularly to housewives who had also experienced the same fate that it's main character Angeline had suffered in the story. Now, more televiewers can relate to the story of "Temptation Of Wife" since it will be added with a mix of Filipino flavor.

After "Amaya" and "My Beloved", Marian Rivera is back in doing remakes. It's good because Marian Rivera will not work with her BF Dingdong Dantes, the Kapuso Network might have realized that the televiewers have had enough seeing the couple together. But on the other side of the story, it is clear that the GMA creative team and writers couldn't come up with an original project for Marian. "Amaya" was good but her last project "My Beloved" was an epic flop. I guess we have to change Marian Rivera's moniker from "Kapuso Primetime Queen" to "Kapuso Remake Queen".

And before I finish, I have a hint on what characters of the "Temptation Of Wife" remake. Marian Rivera obviously would portray the role of the martyr wife, Dennis Trillo as the evil husband who killed his wife to be with her mistress, Alessandra De Rossi would be the mistress and Rafael Rossel I guess would be the knight in shining armor guy who will find the almost lifeless Marian Rivera, saves her and help her get his revenge.


  1. very nice choice of character....

  2. kawawa naman GMA wala na kasing maisip na magandang original script kaya puro remake na lang sila... kawawa ka rin Marian kasi kahit anong pilit ng GMA na pasikatin ka ulit, pabagsak na talaga career mo. Sana kasi ginandahan mo ugali nung sumikat ka... kung kelan palaos ka na, saka ka lang nagmamabait at kunwari nagiging matulungin..

    1. excuse me.? c marian palaos.?? tga zang planeta k b gling.?hahah..

  3. bat ganun dapat si alexsandra ang kontra bat biglang nagin si Glaiza na ang kontra sya naman gusto kong kontra kainis naman !

  4. bat hindi na si alessandra?!

  5. mas ok nmn c glaiza kse mukha palang kontra-bida na!

  6. mas ckat kaya cya ngaun ......hahaha....excuse me .a.b.s ay dpat ibasura .s