Sunday, November 18, 2012

Zendee Rose's Story On Magpakailanman And My Thoughts About It

"Magpakailanman" made it's return on GMA-7 last night. It was back from the dead literally after it was axed by the GMA-7 management a few years ago and ironically, the night when the show won an award at the PMPC Star Awards for TV was the night when it's host Mel Tiangco was informed that her show was gonna get cancelled. It is safe to say that "Magpakailanman" and was one of the victims of the infamous leadership of former GMA-7 SVP for Entertainment Wilma Galvante.

I can be seen clearly that GMA-7 is cleaning up all the mess done by the previous leadership, one by one they are bringing back all the shows that was axed for no absolute reason just to give way to those stars who were so good in giving gifts and greeting their bosses.

Now going back to "Magpakailanman". For their pilot episode, they chose to feature the biography of the so called "Random Girl" on YouTube Zendee Rose. I don't know if some would agree but I don't think that it was a good choice for the writers and researchers. I absolutely have know idea what the Kapuso Network sees with this girl to consider her like a superb dive.

Yes, her video on YouTube received a million hits and she was a guest at the Ellen Degeneres show but that is not enough to consider her like a major international artist. Everyone could be a star on YouTube as long as your video is found by users, and I don't think that an ordinary individual from the masses knows Ellen Degeneres so who cares if she appears on that show.

And about Zendee's singing, yes she can hit the high note but that's it. Compared to other young divas like Sarah Geronimo, Rachelle Anne Go and Julie Anne San Jose, Zendee doesn't sing so smoothly, there are times that she sounds off key and has a tendency to over sing. Watching her performs and listening to her feels awkward, it's like you are waiting for her to make a mistake because you know she would at one point in time.

The Kapuso Network doesn't really know how to get the pulse of the masses, and that could have cost them the success of Magpakailanman's return. What do you think?

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