Sunday, August 21, 2016

Detective Comics #938 Review

Detective #938 cover
Detective Comics #938 "Rise of the Batmen" part 5 is actually the first issue which I have read from DC's bimonthly published book. And I'm going to make it straight to the point by saying that this arc is awesome and I regret that I wasn't able to read the first parts.

From James Tynion IV's  storytelling, to  art, everything is compelling. I like the first four pages which featured some flashbacks about Jacob Kane and Kate(Batwoman) which art was done by Al Barrionuevo and Adriano Lucas, the art gave the flashback vibe at a first glance, once a perfect father and daughter now were thorn apart by different idealism.

jacob kane
And the strongest point in that first four pages I think is Jacob telling her daughter "I'll spend the rest of my life making sure, what happened to Gabi and Beth never happens to another family", it's like Bruce Wayne's words then after that he put on the Bat suit. I think this shows that Jacob maybe isn't a bad guy after all.

I also have to give credits about the art, the colors Brad Anderson turned the characters into a 3 dimentional art. And I have to mention the side humors of the team, Batman and Batwoman having some child like arguments in the middle of the fight against the colony. And Clayface the big guy talking funny stuffs, and I have to ask, do big guys in the comic books always provide the comic relief?

the batmen
Look at this art showing the big guy flipping the entire colony, I think it's funny and cool. And another amazing site, the Dynamic duo Batman and Robin fighting side by side, of course it's normal to see this in a Batman series but I think this is special with this particular issue because there are a lot of people involved and to see just this two icons fighting together is incomparable.

batman and robin
I think that this arc is about to reach a shocking conclusion, I can feel it rushing to my veins. And in that part where the team escaped the colony, the Dark Knight issues a warning in Jacob, and you know he's serious when he does that.

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