Sunday, August 14, 2016

Is Tubidy Illegal?

Tubidy is a free video and mp3 download site. I made some searches about it and I found out that it's legality is being questioned since it's a free download site and everything that is free is too good to be true.

But searching about it actually made me more confused, because I found not only one site that is named Tubidy, the other says it's a video streaming site like Youtube, the other one says it's an mp3 download site which songs available were converted from Youtube, which one is the real thing?

And about the debate whether Tubidy is legal or not, how can we even say whether a free download site is legal or illegal since there is 4Shared which offers free download but is not penalized? All I know is that sharing a video or music for personal consumption maybe legal but if one sells it or broadcast it in public viewing or an online radio, that's where it becomes illegal.

Bottom line, if Tubidy is no longer available for use, then it's definitely illegal.

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