Thursday, February 3, 2011

GMA Network Launches GMA News Channel to Replace QTV 11

GMA Network launches GMA News Channel which will replace it's UHF Channel QTV 11. This is a part of GMA Networks advocacy to strengthen their News and Public Affairs department.

From the men and women of GMA News and Public Affairs—the only broadcast news organization in the Philippines that has won the Peabody Award—GMA News TV is in response to the insistent public clamor for relevant and credible news reportage that only GMA Newsand Public Affairs can deliver.

“We are responding to viewers’ requests for timely news updates in Filipino and for public affairs shows at earlier timeslots with this groundbreaking news Channel,” says News TV Head Nessa Valdellon.
Bannered by the respected names in broadcast journalism—Jessica Soho, Mike Enriquez, Mel Tiangco, Arnold Clavio, Vicky Morales andHowie Severino—GMA News TV delivers serbisyong totoo with newscasts and public affairs programs, all in Filipino, from morning to night.
Also part of the formidable lineup of names joining GMA News TV are Kara David, Prof. Winnie Monsod and Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) Executive Director Malou Mangahas. In addition, Sheila Coronel of Columbia University, Newsbreak’sMarites Vitug and Ed Lingao of PCIJ will be joining the channel as advisers for the investigative documentaries.

To those who are curious whether what will happened to all the TV Shows which are currently airing on QTV 11, all those shows will definitely be cancelled. GMA Network insider told that the executives do not regret in cancelling QTV 11 and replacing it with a News Channel because majority of the Shows airing on QTV are canned shows. But what I'm curious about is American Idol Season 10 which has just started airing on QTV just two weeks ago, will it also be axed, or will it be moved to GMA-7?
This is the difference between the GMA Network Executives, they are a bit "kuripot". Unlike the Lopez clan which owns ABS-CBN Group of companies. They wanted a UHF Channel, they aired built Studio 23, they wanted a Cable News Channel, they both one and called it ANC, they wanted a movie channel, they established Cinema One, they wanted their very own Animation Network, they introduced Animax and Hero Channel, they even got their own Sports Channel called ABS-CBN Sports. You see that when ABS-CBN executives wanted to expand their reach, they are not afraid to spend and buy new facilities to improve their service, while the GMA Network couldn't afford to but another TV station and new facilities for a News Channel so they have to use their available resources and just give it a little face lift. This is one reason why GMA Network is not even close with ABS-CBN, they might be winning the ratings, getting more advertisers and earning billions of profit, but still the Kapamilya Network has a more wider reach Nationwide and Globally.  


  1. animax is not owned by the abs-cbn group of companies. it is owned by sony entertainment. hero tv is the only anime-oriented channel owned by abs-cbn

  2. animax is not owned by the abs-cbn group of companies. it is owned by sony entertainment. hero tv is the only anime-oriented channel owned by abs-cbn